Can't Tap This

4.1 ( 4351 ratings )
Spiele Action Spielhalle
Entwickler ksoft
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Ready to break-in your new iPhone / iTouch with some good clean taps? Try your finger at Cant Tap This, where the object of the game is to simply tap the button! As easy as that sounds, Cant Tap This advances the level of skill with each point scored, so keep your focus on the iPhone screen and put your eye-hand coordination to the ultimate test! How many taps can you make?


- Extremely easy game-play, simply tap the button to score 10 points.
- Skill level increases with each point scored.
- High score saved for future game play.
- Unlimited level of challenge awaits those with top-notch tapping skill!
- Great game to play during quick breaks, easy to get in to, easy to end.